Kriti Nelavelli

Design + Build

I'm a User Experience Engineer for the design system team working on the Google Cloud Platform.
I develop and lead small prototyping projects for user studies and design explorations. Check back soon to see some of my work.

As a UXE, I work closely with UX researchers and designers to support user studies and design explorations. I build prototypes for A/B testing, interviews, cognitive walkthroughs and maintain a framework of utils, tools and processes for fast prototyping. I build and maintain a prototype component library to support design iterations for the enterprise components design team. As a UXE I also work with a cross-functional and cross-org team of UXers to build tools to support design systems across Google.

Check out my RESUME and more of my work on:

I have a background in Computer science and Human Computer Interaction. My goal is to be able to expand the use of UX design to all fields that involve people. UX design isn't a field by itself but a concept that I want it to be a part of every product and service.

I'm drawn to anything visual. I enjoy experimenting with creating great visual experiences: be it beautiful motion using simple old CSS3 or dynamic wall paintings using LEDs.

I'm also a professional Indian classical dancer. Dance too, for me is an Experience. Its a language that connects a dancer and her audience. It is an expression that evokes emotions in people, allowing them to feel understood. A lot of my ideas of User Experience stems from what I've learnt in my journey to becoming a good dancer.

If you like what you've read here or if you think the same way, get in touch with me. I would love to chat :)