Kriti Nelavelli

Kriti Nelavelli

Design + Build

I'm a UX designer and developer pursuing a Master's Degree in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Currently seeking full time positions starting Summer 2018.

I'm a second year MS HCI student in the Interactive Computing track at Georgia Tech. I'm a designer and a developer with the knowledge and creativity to be able to imagine, design, and prototype products and the ability to empathize with the user at every stage. I have a background in computer science and engineering so I have an understanding of feasibility of solutions while my imagination and design skills help me think big.
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My focus right now is to hone my skills in UX, to be able to empathize with and understand people to create seemless interactions between devices and people. My goal is to be able to expand the use of UX design to all fields that involve interacting with people. UX design isn't a field by itself but a concept that I want to introduce to every product as well as service. My background in CS will help me implement my revolutionary ideas.

I'm drawn to anything visual. I enjoy experimenting with creating great visual experiences: be it beautiful motion using simple old CSS3 or dynamic wall paintings using LEDs. I'm also professional Indian classical dancer. Dance to me is also an Experience. Its a language that connects a dancer and her audience. It is an expression that evokes emotions in people, allowing them to feel understood. A lot of my ideas of User Experience stems from what I've learnt in my journey to becoming a good dancer.